POST IDI Overview and History

Post IDI Overview

The Post Instructor Development Institute

  • The POST Instructor Development Institute is the newest POST institute
  • Approved in 2007 by the POST Commission the Instructor Development Institute (IDI) purpose is to "provide multi-level, multi-track programs to develop professionalism in the delivery of law enforcement instruction
  • "The instruction development courses provides a tiered approach to law enforcement instructor development; from basic academy and entry-level instructor skills through Master Instructor
  • Each tier or level will build on and enhance the skills learned at the previous level
  • The design, development and deliver of instruction at the basic and intermediate levels is being done by the Napa Valley College under the leadership and guidance of Greg Miraglia and Todd Dischinger
  • For more information on the Level 1 and 2 offerings please refer to the the Napa College web site:
  • The design, development and delivery of the advanced and master levels (Levels 3 and 4) was accomplished by the San Diego Regional Training Center (SDRTC) under the leadership and guidance of Michele Thompson, Mike Gray and Jim Fraser. They are the lead agency for IDI Level 3 and 4 training.

Where We Are...

  • Level 1 and 2 courses continue to be offered at a rapid pace throughout the state; the training has been well received by the students. As of October 2010 over 3,000 students have been graduated from these programs.
  • A special Level 3 Course for ICII Graduates was presented in January 2008 and September 2008. This provided the initial feeder into the Level Four, Master Instructor Certification Course. This course is no longer available.
  • The Level 3 (Advanced) course is being presented two to three times per year depending on available funding and accessions.
  • MICC #6 began on January 2012 with an on-site orientation and TNA workshop
  • This IDI web site became operational July 20, 2008
  • An additional to the POST Learning Portal; an IDI Skill MAP to track individual IDI students is presently in development and should be available by the Spring of 2012.

Post IDI Levels

POST IDI Level 4 (Master)

Certification at the Master Level includes:

  • Complete the Master Instructor Certification Course (MICC); designing, developing and delivering a minimum of a 24-hour course that meets a demonstrated training need and is approved by POST
  • The candidate's course will be developed using the provided MICC ISD model
  • The candidate’s ISD and TTP will be formally evaluated by a panel prior to course delivery

    Prerequisites for attendance at the Master Level includes:

  • Successfully complete all Level 1, 2 and 3 requirements
  • Complete the "Student Learning Outcomes Course" (POST Learning Portal)
  • Complete the 16-hr Instructional Technology "UPDATE" and 24-hr Critical Thinking "Combo" courses
  • Complete and submit an MICC application in the approved format

POST IDI Level 3 (Advanced)

Certification at the Advanced level includes:

  • Complete the 40-hour Advanced Instructor Development Core Course with a 16-hour Teach Back session (56-hrs total)
  • Complete the 24-hour Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring Course
  • 8-hours being mentored by a Master Instructor

POST IDI Level 2 (Intermediate)

Certification at the Intermediate level includes:

  • Complete the 24-hour Intermediate Instructional Skills Complete the 8-hour Presentation Skills Course Completing the 8-hour Critical Thinking Skills Course
  • Complete the 16-hour Instructional Technology Course

POST IDI Level 1 (Basic/Entry Level)

Certification at the Basic Instructor level includes:

  • Complete a 40- hour POST Basic Instructor Certification Program
  • Validation of competencies in the classroom
  • Academy Instructors must complete a successful triennial re-certification

Download the PowerPoint Show "Institute of Instructor Development Overview" Version, June 2014 version. This PowerPoint provides an overview of the “current thinking” as the POST Instructor Development Institute process continues to evolve

New for 2013- AICP Recertification Courses-

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