WELCOME TO The Instructor Development Institute

The Instructor Development Institute (IDI) was formed to provide standardized, multi-level, multi-track programs to develop professionalism in the delivery of law enforcement instruction

This is the official IDI web site, providing overview information, course schedules, POST Instructor Symposium and other useful information about on-going instructor development activities in California. Presenters of the individual IDI courses often have their own web sites and links may also be provided to those sites. There are two main communications sources for sharing IDI information; this web site and the POST IDI extranet. A link below explains the extranet and how it is used as well as how to get an invitation to join.

If you are a student in any of the levels of the IDI process you should be signed up for the IDI extranet. The extranet is in the process of being modified. It will be both an information source, course announcement capability and tracking database for the IDI process. Please send an email to IDIextranet@postidi.com providing your name, your current status in the IDI process, an email address and telephone number. You will be provided an email invitation with a link to this secure capability within 72 hrs. Please do this at your earliest opportunity.

POST Travel Reimbursement Information Update (10/18/2013):
 This notice is to address a number of inquiries that have been made concerning POST training conducted in the IDI Program and how student travel will be impacted. On October 8, 2013 and revised on October 10, 2013, the Commission on POST released a bulletin on a projected budget deficit that detailed their plan to cease travel reimbursement for certain POST certified courses. That bulletin can be accessed here [POST Bulletin- Travel Reimbursement]. As you read through the bulletin, Instructor Development is listed as exempt from these travel reimbursement restrictions both for Napa Valley College and the San Diego Regional Training Center. All attendees from POST reimbursable agencies, attending IDI courses are still eligible for travel reimbursement either via Training Reimbursement Request (TRR) for Levels 1-4 or Letter of Agreement (LOA) for Levels 3 & 4 and the prerequisites to Level 4/MICC (24- hour critical thinking and update technology). 



Many POST courses are under a 40-hour Cap for non-exempt reimbursable training for all ranks and classifications. POST IDI Courses are exempt from this Cap. For a complete listing of all courses that are exempt from this cap, the following link provides a further explanation and list of exempt courses.

POST 40-hour Cap Exempt Courses

POST IDI Background Information


This document is intended to convey a conceptual plan for instructor development programming at the California Peace Officers Standards of Training (POST). It has been developed by POST staff in conjunction with a number of presenter stakeholders over the course of several months. As such, it represents a foundation and framework to work from as POST creates new instructor development programs with our clients. The implementation of the concept is well underway with the final course, the Master Instructor Certification Course (MICC) scheduled to be delivered in September, 2008.


This February 2012 PowerPoint Show provides the details of the POST IDI purpose, scope, individual courses and focus at each level. Downloadable and can be played on any system with PowerPoint or the PPT Viewer that is free from Microsoft (must be installed on your system) September 2008 version

New for 2013- AICP Recertification Courses-

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